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Today, with the growing demand for physical therapy, many clinics need 2-3 weeks to get you in. 


At Kipnis PT, we have 3 locations serving Secaucus, Cliffside Park, and Hackensack. This means our administrative staff and team of highly skilled therapists can coordinate and balance resources over all locations to eliminate long wait times.  See how easy it is to book your appointment...

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It may sound surprising, but industry surveys show that many patients think that their therapist "makes up the exercises as they go along," and "doesn’t tell me what I need to know or should expect." 



At Kipnis PT, every new patient receives basic education on their condition and treatment plan to help them understand what to expect, and how to get the most out of their therapy. See our  Specialty Program Guides or Book A Free Screening to discover the  Kipnis PT difference...

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Most therapy providers deliver treatment based on insurance requirements, even if they would recommend a different plan of care. 


At Kipnis PT, your plan of care follows your therapists recommendations based on their experience and expertise, not insurance requirements. As part of our special Standards of Care, every plan of care includes a complimentary post-rehab follow up visit. This important visit helps prevent setbacks, and promotes continued progress. Your Kipnis PT is a partner for life.  Book an appointment or Free Screening now to get started...

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